Fostering Collaboration in Mental Health Research Funding


The mental health research sector, compared to other health sectors, is in desparate need of an overarching strategy to move it forward into an organized and sustainable effort. Research programs have been mainly driven by local or national agendas and few attempts have been made for coordination across borders. International debate on how to substantially increase impact on patients and families is needed to appropriately balance research investments between projects that address the current burden of mental ill-health and the ones that target the more long-term development of new scientific knowledge and future cures.

Mental health research funders, who steward increasingly precious resources, are in a unique position to shape the global mental health research agenda. The mission of the International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders is to accelerate progress in the mental health landscape by increasing the impact of mental health research investments. Building on knowledge exchange and collaboration between its members, IAMHRF is a platform that facilitates an international conversation on mental health research funding priorities.   

The Alliance is grateful for generous financial support from:

  • Janssen
  • Lundbeck Foundation
  • The Ontario Mental Health Foundation
  • Wellcome Trust

Feature Project

The latest research initiative of the Alliance is called Project Ecosystem. This project was carried out by RAND Europe and maps the global funding of mental health research between 2009 and 2014...

Recent Publication

Evidence System of UK Mental Health Charities

The project aimed to explore the 'evidence system' for UK mental health charities.

Latest News

IAMHRF is looking to hire an experienced writer to provide four to five blogs a year for the group's newsletter.