We unite funders on a shared  
mental health research agenda

The International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders unites funders across borders to save lives, and improve treatments and care for people with mental health problems and their families worldwide.

Member News

Being initiative launches to support youth mental health in 13 low- and middle-income countries

Bid Solicitation Mental Health Initiative – Subcontractor to design and implement a research funding call in LMICs

Funding Opportunity: Expanding Prevention Strategies for Mental Disorders in Mobile Populations in Humanitarian Crises

RFP: Landscape analysis on mental health science, policy and practice in 22 countries

Request for Proposals: Progressing Common Metrics in Mental Health

Award: Understanding how interventions for anxiety, depression, and psychosis work

NIHR unites with health and social care leaders to improve public involvement in research

Announcing MQ’s 2022 Fellows Award – call for applications

New funding boost for NIHR mental health research in under-served areas

UK and Canada team up to support youth mental health projects worldwide

NIMH Announces Expectations for use of Common Data Elements


Leveraging individual efforts to increase impact

Through collaboration, we mobilize the collective expertise of research funders worldwide so that each funder can have greater impact on the field. 

Leading and facilitating high-impact projects.

Through our network, research funders converge to address key gaps and challenges in the mental health sector that require international collaboration. 

Promoting mental health knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The IAMHRF facilitates knowledge sharing to avoid duplication of efforts and hasten progress. It enables funders, many of whom are meeting each other for the first time, to collaborate around national and international priorities. 

Changing the way mental health research is funded.

International collaboration is needed to balance funding that addresses the current burden of mental health issues and other funding committed to the long-term development of scientific knowledge and potential cures.