Fostering Collaboration in Mental Health Research Funding


The International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders is a collaborative initiative focussed on greater knowledge exchange and collaboration within the sector with the main objective to increase the impact of mental health research funding. In a sense, the global mental health research funding community is a nascent sector and the role of the Alliance is to help develop it.

One of the major goals of the Alliance is to foster collaboration. This will tend to emerge naturally as a result of ‘ecosystem’-type work, where major funders of mental health research are identified and mapped and their strategies related to each other, as well as regular contact between Alliance members. Targeted initiatives such as reports and discussions also help to identify projects around which collaboration could occur.

The Alliance was started in 2009 under the name of SOS (Science of Science) Mental Health to study how to increase the impact of mental health research funding. The initiative was a collaborative of four mental health research funders with administrative responsibilities carried out by the Graham Boeckh Foundation. Since then, the Alliance membership has grown substantially to a diverse group of member organizations from around the world with a wealth of experience and knowledge in research funding.  

The Alliance is grateful for generous financial support from:

  • Janssen

Feature Project

The latest research initiative of the Alliance is called Project Ecosystem. This project was carried out by RAND Europe and maps the global funding of mental health research between 2009 and 2014...

Recent Publication

Mental health issues impose an enormous disease burden on societies across the world. Depression alone affects 350 million people globally and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Latest News

In 2016, RAND and the International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders published a unique report, mapping the global 'ecosystem' of organizations funding mental health research.