We unite funders around shared priorities in mental health research

The IAMHRF increases and accelerates the impact of mental health research by supporting collaboration across a global network of research funders.

Member News

Wellcome announces the winners of their Mental Health Data Prize

ZonMw establishes a funders network to advance drug repurposing initiatives

NIMH announces more events to celebrate its 75th anniversary

MQ publishes an impact report for their first 10 years

Mariwala Health Initiative issues a call for articles for its yearly journal

Accelerating Medicines Partnership® Schizophrenia (AMP® SCZ): Clinical High Risk for Psychosis Clinical Trial Network (U01 Clinical Trial Required)

Mental Health Award: Understanding how anxiety- and trauma-related problems develop, persist and resolve

Current funding opportunities in mental health research

Developing Measures to Advance Access and Quality in Global Mental Health Services

Neurosciences and mental health: responsive mode: programme

Apply for funding to support research that will address global health challenges and inequities.

Request for Proposals (RFP) for a delivery partner for The Mental Health Data Prize – Africa

The Being initiative is seeking a Learning and Support Provider to create a global learning community

Being initiative launches to support youth mental health in 13 low- and middle-income countries

Bid Solicitation Mental Health Initiative – Subcontractor to design and implement a research funding call in LMICs

Funding Opportunity: Expanding Prevention Strategies for Mental Disorders in Mobile Populations in Humanitarian Crises

RFP: Landscape analysis on mental health science, policy and practice in 22 countries

Request for Proposals: Progressing Common Metrics in Mental Health

Award: Understanding how interventions for anxiety, depression, and psychosis work

NIHR unites with health and social care leaders to improve public involvement in research

Announcing MQ’s 2022 Fellows Award – call for applications

New funding boost for NIHR mental health research in under-served areas

UK and Canada team up to support youth mental health projects worldwide

NIMH Announces Expectations for use of Common Data Elements

Our 4C approach


Our webinars, working groups, and annual meeting bring funders together around emerging challenges and opportunities in mental health research and funding.


We compile and curate new evidence, insights and resources to inform priority setting and investment in mental health. Our flagship report, The Inequities of Mental Health Research Funding, maps the global distribution of mental health research funding.


We promote the development and implementation of new practices and standards in research funding — from adopting common measures to embedding lived experience.


We collect and amplify the success stories from mental health research and co-sponsored the 2023 Global Mental Health: Research Without Borders conference.