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07/06/2017 - IAMHRF Newsletter - Today's Update:  In this issue, a call to action - read the Joint EU Statement that builds upon the 2015 FP-7 project ROAMER

02/08/2017 - IAMHRF Newsletter - Today's Update:  In this issue, a comment in the Lancet Psychiatry by Harold Pincus and Stephanie Rolin 

01/24/2017 - IAMHRF Newsletter - Today's Update:  In this issue, a call for applications from the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft 


Newsletter -

Most recent: 03/28/2017 - IAMHRF Newsletter 2.1

In this issue of the Newsletter:

The International Youth MH Research Network will be hosting a one-day symposium in September in Dublin, immediately following the 4th IAYMH conference.


UK Research and Innovation:  Announcement of Chief Executive Designate, Prof. Sir Mark Walport.

MQ reports on the February Mental Health Science meeting and the ``We Swear Campaign``, including the Lancet Pyschiatry`s publication of a thoughtful analysis of the campaign and the task ahead for a new mental health research charity.

An account of the week-long learning intensive in February: the 2017 Leadership Exchange: Contributing Lives, Thriving Communities, with matches in Australia and New Zealand